The Magic of Montmartre

We were young and in love. It was one of those moments that seem eternal – just the two of us, the lights of the city and a soft warm summer wind. It was already after midnight. I alternately looked into her eyes and into the distance. We were both filled with happiness. She was firmly in my arms and I stroked her skin, which was still slightly tanned. It was a night in August – in the city of love. We had experienced many romantic moments together. Sometimes in totally unusual places. Each place seemed full of magic when we spent it together. But whether it was Paris or the field on the outskirts of her home town – all these moments had one thing in common. The feeling of perfection, carefreeness and lightness. The feeling of love. Les jolies moments I am often inspired by this feeling and captivated by this moment in, in front of the Basilica Sacré-Cœur in the French capital. My girlfriend and I like to think about these moments and create new ones. One evening I came across the website of PARIS EN ROSE rose boxes with durable natural roses. I had already heard about it from friends and the terms “flower box”, “rose box” and “rose bouquet” were already familiar to me. It was an ordinary evening and I was still doing computer work while my girlfriend was doing salsa. Suddenly I discovered one of our holiday pictures of Montmartre and I had an idea. I wanted to give my girlfriend a very special surprise. I decided to order a PARIS EN ROSE rose box. La surprise It was a rainy Saturday morning, in our small shared apartment in the heart of Nuremberg. She had turned to the side again after I gave her a tender kiss and stood up. I told her I was going to the gym. Now of course this was only a pretext – because the surprise was supposed to be perfect.
I prepared for a French breakfast. Today we should want for nothing. There was fresh baguette and golden croissant, French jam, delicious fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. I also prepared a champagne rosé. On the chest of drawers, directly opposite the table, I placed the bouquet of roses – right next to the photo of us both standing soaking wet in the streets of Paris, laughing at each other. Carefully, I woke her up. Granted, I couldn’t resist tickling her feet. Then I led her to the breakfast table and opened the champagne bottle. The light in her eyes was indescribable. Soon the champagne began to tingle. It was a rainy Saturday morning – with wonderful moments that we will remember forever.

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