White flower box “Palais-Royal” with bordeaux red Infinity roses

Our classic – the luxurious white bouquet with about 15 velvet red roses. This rose box is particularly suitable as a gift for your partner or as a wedding present. The rose box Palais-Royal is one of our noblest models and always a real eye-catcher. Of course, the roses in this bouquet are also naturally preserved and can be kept for up to 3 years.

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Flowerbox Infinity

The rose boxes with preserved roses from PARIS EN ROSE are made by experienced florists – by hand. Thus each rose box is a very special unique specimen. The petals come exclusively from the most beautiful exquisite rose heads. In this way, our flower boxes bring a touch of luxury and individuality into your home. You can buy the Infinity rose box easily via our online shop.

Rosenbox avec fleurs de Paris

White rose box with durable pink roses “Sacré-Cœur”

Our best-selling bouquet – the simple white Sacré-Cœur with about 30 exquisite pink roses. The discreet pastel-coloured roses are suitable for almost every occasion. Often our customers order them directly, for example as interior decoration pieces. As a gift it is suitable for the partner as well as for family members or other close persons. The pink roses have a particularly young and spring-like charm.

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