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Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding our rose boxes.

What is the difference between the Eternity Collection and the Hamburg Collection?

Online we exclusively sell bouquets from the Eternity collection with naturally preserved roses. The roses are durable for 1-3 years.

In our shop in Hamburg additional bouquets with fresh roses are available (Hamburg-Collection). The durability of fresh roses is limited to 4-10 days.

Can the rose boxes with conserved roses be shipped throughout Europe?

All online available bouquets from the Eternity Collection can be shipped throughout Europe. The delivery takes place in a special, gentle shipping box.

How should preserved roses be cared for?

The conserved roses from our Eternity Collection do not need any water, they do not have to be poured. The roses have the longest durability at room temperature and normal humidity (up to 3 years).

My desired combination of rose box and rose color is not available in the shop.

Due to the variety of possible combinations, it can be that your desired bouquet is not directly displayed in the shop. For individual wishes, please write an e-mail to our customer service.

How do I get a bouquet of fresh roses (Hamburg Collection)?

The bouquets with fresh roses are available directly in our shop in Hamburg. For further information regarding prices and order, please visit our section ABOUT at Hamburg Collection (at the bottom).

In which postcode area can the rose boxes of the Hamburg Collection be delivered?

Bouquets with fresh roses are only delivered in the direct vicinity (up to approx. 20 km) of our shop in Beselerstraße 44 in Hamburg. You can also pick up your bouquet personally at the store – please note that a reservation is necessary.

How should fresh roses be cared for?

Fresh roses from our Hamburg Collection require water. Add 50 ml of water on the third, fifth and seventh days. Please fill the water in the middle of the center. This ensures that the water gets into the collecting container.

Contact our customer service

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